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How to Give a Deep Tissue Foot Massage

Learn how to massage the feet using deep tissue massage techniques from celebrity massage therapist Meagan Holub in this Howcast video.


So, I'm gonna be doing some deep tissue massage tricks on the feet. One of the first things is I've applied a lot of lotion. The feet can be a little more dry. And when you go to grab on to the foot, you know lot of people can be ticklish, so make sure you grab the ankle first. When you apply that first sweep of lotion go ahead and do a nice firm once over application, so that you don't tickle. You don't wanna be doing any light little movements. So that now we have a lotion on there, go ahead and use your knuckles. And dig nice and deep right in the arch of that foot. You almost can't give enough pressure there sometimes. The arch of the foot just holds lot of stress and it feels really amazing to work on. So you can kind of, just go back and forth. You are gonna typically find a couple of little knots in there. Make sure you don't bounce over them but you do nice even amount of pressure there. You can also do direct pressure just by using one of your knuckles and go straight into the spot that you find there. This, this part of the foot and then also the base of the foot. You can also apply quite a bit of pressure there. But for the rest of the foot you wanna be a little careful with deep tissue just because that's where the bony process is got and you want to avoid those. So stay more in the fleshy area of the foot and the base when you apply the deep tissue massage strokes. And that is deep tissue massage for the foot.

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