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How to Deep Tissue Massage the Front of Legs

Learn how to massage the front of the legs using deep tissue massage techniques from celebrity massage therapist Meagan Holub in this Howcast video.


So I'm going to be doing deep tissue massage for the leg now. As you can see, I have applied a lot of lotion to my hands. If you ever have any extra, you can just tap it onto the sheets there because it's water-based. I'm going to do one nice stroke over the entire leg, applying that lotion with that first stroke. You're going to apply more pressure towards the heart.

So once we get into the deep tissue, you can use your knuckles. I actually like to do some circular motions around that hip joint and, at the same time, and do some circular motions on the inner thigh as well as the outer. So this is a really nice way to get that quad loosened up at first and then you can go ahead and go in there with your forearm. You want to go nice and slowly; it can be a little bit tender in this area, so don't go too fast, too deep, too quick. Make sure that you communicate with the person on the table.

And then, of course, there is the front of the leg here. Most of us have experienced shin splints at some point in our life, so you know where you can dig your thumbs right in along the edge of that line. Pull up nice and slow and deeply. Again, deep pressure always going towards the heart. And I like to just do a couple of passes of those. It feels really great. You can also use your knuckles again here. There isn't a whole lot of area here for you to use your forearm too often so I prefer to use my knuckles up here in the origins and insertions. I'll actually do a couple of circular motions

And that is how you give a deep tissue massage to the leg.

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