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How to Deep Tissue Massage the Thighs

Learn how to massage the thighs using deep tissue massage techniques from celebrity massage therapist Meagan Holub in this Howcast video.


Now we're going to be doing some deep tissue strokes on the thigh, and with focus on the entire thigh. Then I'm going to show you just one move on the IT band, which is a common area for holding stress. We're going to be using our fist or our knuckles at first. This will sort of get that first layer of tissue prepared and prepped for even deeper pressure.

I work on both the sides first, and then I typically will do another pass-through right on the front. That prepares me to use my forearm. Often you'll have to work into using an elbow. This can actually be a sensitive area to work on, so a broader area like the forearm works much better. Go right up to the top there. I always close the stroke with a nice circle movement down.

Now I'm going to switch, and I'm actually going to use right up close to that elbow. There might be a few spots that I trust to use the elbow, because the IT band you can actually go a little bit deeper in, normally. It's really important for you to check in with your client, because it can be sensitive.

The IT band isn't a muscle, so you can typically go pretty deep, but in areas where it's sore, it's sore. So make sure that you communicate. Get in there nice and deep, all the way up. I like to go right up into the hip joint. That is how you give a thigh massage with deep tissue strokes.

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