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How to Deep Tissue Massage the Arms & Hands

Learn how to massage the arms and hands using deep tissue massage techniques from celebrity massage therapist Meagan Holub in this Howcast video.


So now am gonna show you a couple of techniques to the arms and hands. First we're gonna work with the arm so I always like to start right here up to the tip easiest and just create some a nice long line to give a pull there and then I'll do some nice linear friction some nice and deep, go slowly all the way up to the top there at the arm and the joint , I'll do sometimes some circular motions with my knuckles. Now a, a lot of people have stress and strains these days. If you work on a computer or you use any king of hand-held device, you're fingers and up are controlled by these muscles here so this is a move that feels really good. You just go ahead, you can do this one or two ways but let's go ahead and do this way, you take your thumb s and you go right down the middle of this forearm and basically gently stripping all those tiny little muscles they like to buy themselves together by doing a lot of preparative work with the fingers then you get down at the base , just gently sweep up from there. I'll do it the opposite way as well this way I can access both sides of the arms at the same time and by her hand being up here have a nice grip can use the weight of the arm to help assist in creating that. A deep tissue massage and now all I have her here, the hand is right there easy for me to access so I typically like to start at the wrists so go ahead and take your thumbs and go slowly over the wrists. When you get to the hand, now i actually gonna have her open up your hands or your clients won't be seen, so you can see a little bit better. Go ahead and follow quite a lot of a lifelines you can see that and open the hands up, it feels so good and right up in the mid area of the thumb feels amazing. I have yet to find someone that can handle deep pressure in this area that feels great.

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