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How to Deep Tissue Massage the Chest

Learn how to massage the chest using deep tissue massage techniques from celebrity massage therapist Meagan Holub in this Howcast video.


So now I'm gonna be showing you how to get some deep tissue strokes to the chest, the decollete area. So I'm first going to use my knuckles, and some circular motions. And you can see I don't use the knuckles as one solid movement. I actually separate them and use them in sort of a fan like motion. You can do this all through the chest area where the muscles are, where the pack muscles are. And then when you get up to the center here you can actually follow along the line of the clavicle. Just let your fingers sink right in underneath it. Go nice and slowly. You can wrap your thumbs around the back here to give you a little bit of extra leverage. And go along there. Next I'd like to do just a couple of circles around, between the packs and the shoulders as well and do a nice pull upwards and complete the stroke. And that is how you give a deep tissue chest massage.

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