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How to Deep Tissue Massage the Face

Learn how to massage the face using deep tissue massage techniques from celebrity massage therapist Meagan Holub in this Howcast video.


So now we're going to be doing a couple of deeper strokes on the face. You can see I'm using just the tiniest bit of lotion. You want to avoid oil on the face so there's no breakout. So you want to use a water-based lotion. Just follow along the line of the jaw. You'll feel your fingers kind of hook right here under the cheekbone in the mandibular area. It feels really good to do a couple of circles there in this area with your fingertips. Start right here under the chin and sweep up. You always want to go in an up direction. It kind of gives a mini facelift. And then you can go right in here where the sinuses are. A lot of people like direct pressure there. And you can give direct pressure and then lift up. Feels great. And you can follow along that line there as well. Move up here past the temples. Of course the temples, you want to give a couple of nice little circular rubs in there. Follow along the face right here where they say our third eye is. Give some pressure there. It's a nice pressure point.

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