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How to Deep Tissue Massage Using Your Elbows

Learn how to give a deep tissue massage using your elbows from celebrity massage therapist Meagan Holub in this Howcast video.


So some techniques you can use for deep tissue massage with your elbow are the following. So we’re going to start with applying deep pressure all the way down on these erector spinae again or what they often refer to as erectors. You’ll notice Gene is breathing through it. That’s good, make sure you’re checking in with your client. You’re going to want to go nice and slowly. When you use the elbow instead of using the forearm, you’re getting deeper and more direct pressure, so you definitely want to check with your client along the way. Now when you get down here at the base, where the key well is, which is the area that meets in between the bottom rib and the hip, just go ahead and do a nice slide right down there. You’ll notice I used my hand to brace myself often and that’s totally okay. Some of the clients are actually ok with you having a hand placed on them as well. It’s just all in the comfort level of the client and you’ll get to know that when you get to know them. Now there’s a spot right here that you can just go ahead and apply direct to, right there with your elbow and just relax and it feels really good. Feel good Gene? Feels great, so you can just sort of hang out right here, this is a really calming area in the key wells that people love to have released. And that is how you give a deep tissue massage with your elbow.

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