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How to Deep Tissue Massage Using Your Knuckles

Learn how to give a deep tissue massage using your knuckles from celebrity massage therapist Meagan Holub in this Howcast video.


So now I'm going to show you some techniques that you can use with your knuckles for deep tissue massage. And of course before I begin, I'm always going to just address the tissue and make sure that the body is used to me touching it. And then I use one hand over the other for support. This is actually a really incredible move. You can do a little circular massage here in the shoulder area. You'll notice I'm using my knuckles to sort of make a fanning motion. It feels really good. You can do that all the way down the spine if you like. And then you can go back up here, and where it feels really great is up in this area around the shoulder, where you can access those rhomboids, the trapezius. It also feels really great around the sacrum. Also, you can use your knuckles as one solid sort of tool when you give massage. So you can just go straight down, rather than using your elbow, which can be a little bit sharper, and a little more painful. The knuckles give a little bit more relief, but can still provide that level of pressure. You can do that. When you get all the way down to the sacrum, again, just some circles down in that area feel really amazing. And this is where you can combine both of those techniques. And that is how you give a deep tissue massage with your knuckles.

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