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How to Do Cross-Fiber Massage Strokes

Learn how to do cross-fiber massage strokes from celebrity massage therapist Meagan Holub in this Howcast video.


Now I'm going to show you the cross-fiber friction technique. I have actually located a little knot here in Gina's rhomboids, so we're going to work on that for her. Because the grain of the muscle goes this way, we're actually going to be cross-fibering the opposite way. I'm going to go right in there.

Again, I'm going to put my hand over this hand, to give myself a little bit more strength. You don't necessarily have to use the strength from your fingers, you'll tire out more quickly that way. Just go ahead use your arms this way. Nice direct pressure and you're just going to go back and forth over that spot. This is a great way to treat certain knots and adhesions.

It also, just feels really good to do, again right along the length of some of the thinner muscles, that carry a lot of stress. You can actually move at the same time as doing the cross-fiber friction, which is kind of a combination of linear massage and cross-fiber friction. That typically feels great, and gets better results, than just the straight linear motion. That is how you do a cross-fiber friction massage.

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