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How Does Deep Tissue Massage Break Up Scar Tissue?

Learn how deep tissue massage can break up scar tissue from celebrity massage therapist Meagan Holub in this Howcast video.


Deep tissue massage, most people don't know this, but actually deep tissue massage can decrease scar tissue, and in fact it can decrease the chance of scar tissue forming before it does. There's specific types of deep tissue massage that you want to do and one is a deep cross-fiber friction massage.So you're going to be massaging across the grain.

So if the scar was this way, you would be going this way. It's a technique that I use quite often working with people who have had recent cosmetic surgery. Who have had surgery or who have had injuries of some kind and are worried about scarring and your scarring is greatly diminished with it.

It does become more difficult to reduce the scar later, so it's really important to start working on that scar the moment that is has healed, and is no longer an open wound, and then you can really work on it and you'll see amazing results. Your scar will be greatly diminished, over what it would have been without that deep tissue cross-fiber friction massage.

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