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How to Find a Hair Color that Best Suits Your Skin Tone

Learn how to find the hair color that best suits your skin tone from Pierre Michel Salon colorist AJ Lordet in this Howcast hair tutorial.


When I'm changing somebody's hair color or meeting somebody new, I need to make sure first of all that it's going to match their skin tone. Skin tones can be categorized in two different ways. We have cool shades and we have warm shades. One trick if you are not sure if you're a warm shade or a cool shade would be the vein trick. Look at your veins in natural light; should you see a green tone to your veins, you're a warm shade. Should you see a blue tone to your veins, you're a cool shade. Once you know whether you're a warm shade or a cool shade you can start to pick out your hair color.

Warm skin tones should stick with hair color that are warm shades. Here we have some warm blondes, some warm chestnuts, and some warm deeper shades. One way to know if your color that you're choosing is a warm shade is by the number system. We can find out if a shade is a warm or cool based on the numbers that appear after the point. So for example, you see 8.3. The first number, in our number system, shows how light or dark the color is. As you move down and you see a shade like this, 4.5 the original number 4 shows you that it's a dark shade. Now we know the difference between the light shades and the dark shades.

Another thing to consider is if you're going to go red. Even though reds tend to make us think all warm, we actually have two categories of reds. We have warm reds and we have cool reds, also. You'll see here towards the top the reds are quite warm. They may have orangey copper bases whereas we get to the bottom they get cooler, and cooler. Where some of them have violet bases some of the have auburn bases. The warmer reds tend to be lighter where the cooler reds tend to be slightly darker. When choosing a color you can use a color splash guide, but please remember your natural colors and your natural undertones will help the color process in its own way, so it's always great to talk to a professional or maybe even someone in the store for a little extra help on picking out exactly what shade. But now that you know tone and what's good for your skin tone, you're definitely in the right direction.

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