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How to Dye Your Hair at Home

Learn how to dye your own hair from Pierre Michel Salon colorist AJ Lordet in this Howcast hair tutorial, part 2 of a 2-part series.


So next, we've chose our products. Now we've got to get them on our hair.

So the first thing we technically do when we open our box is obviously read the directions, because each, you know, color is just a little bit different. But normally you have an A bottle and a B bottle. Simply mix them together, but first and always don't forget, put on your gloves, because hair color often stains your manicure.

So once you get them mixed together, separate your hair into sections. So what you can do is you can take the sections in front of your ears, and you can pull them forward, and you can apply a clip. And you do this on all four sides. The reason you're doing this is, basically, to get the end color out of the way. Hair color goes on the roots first and then the ends a little later on.

So once you have your hair separated into all these fabulous sections, it makes it a little easier for you to keep the ends out of the way when you apply the roots. So now you have your bottle all shaken up, your gloves on. One more thing. Stain guard. Stain guard you can either buy in the store, or something that you can use at home would be a Vaseline. And the stain guard is used to put around your skin so that the hair dye doesn't dye your skin and stays on your hair.

Once you get your bottle all mixed up, your gloves on, your stain guard on, you're ready to go, and it should be pretty simple. Now that your ends are staying out of the way, you're going to apply the color to the roots in a matter of sections. So let's start with the first section.

Slice across, bring it down, and then apply some color. Slice across, bring it down, and apply some color at the roots. Once the whole section's done, you're going to bring the ends down, where you'll have the color at the root, and the ends will be nice and safe without color on them.

Those are just the basics for how to dye your hair at home.

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