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Can You Dye Your Hair While You're Pregnant?

Learn if you can dye your hair while you are pregnant from Pierre Michel Salon colorist AJ Lordet in this Howcast hair tutorial.


Can I dye my hair if I'm pregnant? Probably one of the most important questions that girls come in and ask me in the hair salon, "Can I dye my hair if I'm pregnant?" Well, the first thing I always have to tell them is, "Ask your doctor." Each doctor has their own opinion.

So, normally as a pregnant woman you're seeing your doctor because you trust what they feel. All I can tell you as the hair professional is what I see and what I do. I would say most of the time the girls leave their hair natural and without hair color the first three months, also known as the first trimester.

After the first trimester, girls feel a little more free to dye their hair for the second and third. One of the things I see a lot would be clients who maybe once had a single-process hair color where they maybe had all-over hair color. Maybe they dyed their grey. Maybe they changed the color from blonde to red.

In my experience, these girls, they tend to go into a highlight phase. Turning themselves into a highlight phase sort of means that because the color is highlighted, it's never sitting on the scalp and it feels better for the pregnant person.

So, it's a great way to be able to incorporate hair color into your pregnancy and not really feel like you're sitting there with hair color on your hair. So I do see that a lot. I see ladies and women changing from all-over hair dye to the highlights.

Another thing I mentioned I see very often is girls skipping the first trimester. They will then continue, I would say, the second and third trimester to maintain what they were used to doing. So, whether that be an all-over color or a highlight, I've seen them go back and stick, again, with what they're doing.

Something I see in New York all the time is women waiting until the last, last, last minute to where I'm almost a nervous wreck. Because I think they're about to give birth any minute, because they want that hair color perfect for the pictures. They know that the baby is coming so they might not have time.

I always recommend you ask your doctor first, but if you choose to dye your hair when you're pregnant, those are some of the things I think you can consider.

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