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How to Color Your Hair to Hide Thinning

Learn the best hair color to hide thinning hair from Pierre Michel Salon colorist AJ Lordet in this Howcast hair tutorial.


When speaking about hair that is thinning or fine, two things come to mind right away. One would be the base color of the hair. I feel like if you're going to dye your hair and you have very fine or thinning hair, you need to choose a base color that's not too dark. The darker of the base color of the hair, the more you're going to see the scalp.

The second thing I'd like to discuss are highlights. Most of the time highlights are a great idea for thinning hair. Highlights can, one, thicken the actual strands of hair to add body and texture and depth into the hair. Highlights on thinning hair definitely need to be fine, well weaved, and very natural. Highlights on thinning hair that have a very high contrast often show the scalp. Highlights that are too chunky often show actually how fine the hair is. So, I think you need to find a balance between a base color or your natural color that's not too dark, and add in, it's always a great idea to add in a few natural weaved highlights, again to add texture and thickness and body to the hair.

One tip for strengthening fine or thinning hair would be finding a product. I highly recommend Pierre Michel's RepHair. They have an amazing line of hair care products from shampoo, conditioner, vitamins, and masks that help thicken and strengthen fine and thin here.

There's a lot of products at home that can help us strengthen the hair and rebuild the hair. One of the biggest problems I see with people who buy the products, though, are they tend to use them in the beginning and they don't follow through with them. Like anything, we need to do the start as strong as the finish. So I recommend you buy a great shampoo and conditioner that have strengthening properties. Again, I like the Pierre Michel RepHair. I think it's an amazing, amazing product that had a lot of thought go into it, but we need to use it and use it all the time.

So just to recap, I think that thinning and fine hair should definitely be colored. It's definitely a candidate for color. I would say let's choose a base color that's not too dark. We don't want to show off the scalp or where the hair might be missing. Should we do highlights? I really feel the highlights fine and natural, just to give some body and some thickness and some depth to the hair is a great way to go.

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