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How to Dye Your Hair Online

Learn how to dye your hair online from Pierre Michel Salon colorist AJ Lordet in this Howcast hair tutorial.


There use to be two main ways to be able to do your color. One would be to choose the box in the store and do it yourself at home. Two might be to go to a hair colorist and do it that way. Now we can actually dye our hair online. One of the companies that I know is called They've got hair color online pretty much down to a science. Upon entering the esalon site you are asked a series of lets say around 20 question. The questions can be anything from, what is your natural color now, what is your desired color, do you have any chemicals currently in your hair.

So esalon really has mastered the correct questions, I believe they needed to in order to give you your desired look at home. Once you fill out all of the questions towards the end of the website up pops a picture of your desired hair color. What comes in the mail is even cooler. Each person gets their own individualized hair color at home kit. The hair dye is based from all the questions that you've asked. So this is actually prepared per person. Different from in the supermarket. Because in the supermarket you're going in with very limited knowledge. You may see a color on the box and say 'I would love to be that color' and you put it on your hair and you look nothing like the color at the end.

Esalon sort of takes care of that because even though there's not a hair colorist that you're asking the questions to you're literally telling the computer and the computer is helping you out. So once you get your box in the mail they make it very easy for you they give you detailed instructions as I said above. They give you accessories such as skin guard, some hair clips, some hair gloves. And this happens to be a kit if you're going to do your hair for the first time on all natural hair. The reason I say that is because they have specially formulated a color system for the root area and in a separate color system for the areas on the ends of the hair. This is a lot more detailed than something you might find in the super market and a little bit closer to a colorist might do to you at the salon, at the sink, on the roots.

So I think this is a great way to go, rather than the supermarket if you can't make it into the colorist.

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