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How to Get Ombre Hair at Home

Learn how to get ombre hair from Pierre Michel Salon colorist AJ Lordet in this Howcast hair tutorial.


One of the biggest, biggest movements right now I think in hair is definitely the hombre look. For those of you who do not know, Hombre is basically a focus of hair color on the end of your hair. Right now, you see a lot of girls leaving the roots very dark and making the ends much lighter. This can be done in 2 ways. I would say, the first way would be to keep your natural hair as the dark color in sign. The second way would be to actually mix up a hair dye that is maybe 2-3 shades darker than what you naturally have. I will show you a little tip on how to get a great hombre look.

One of the things I recommend before you start is to find a cape or an old towel. Because you are going to be focusing the majority of hair color on the ends of your hair, whatever you have on your shoulders and around is going to be destroyed by the hair color. One of my tips on getting a great hombre look is to apply tease to the hair. By applying tease to the hair, what you are doing is taking away what would ultimately be a solid line. By teasing the hair, you create all different lengths of hair on the bottom this way when you apply your product, it will be a much softer transition. If you would like to have a solid line, then you do not tease the hair and you actually comb it quite straight and this cape actually comes in handy for that also.

So, What you would do is mix up your bleach and you create a line yourself and you paint the ends of your hair. That would be one way. The other way, on the side with the tease, I would mix up my bleach, take a hand-full of bleach, spread it out on my hand and actually tease the bottom of the hair with my hands. Scrunching, almost in the same way you would do a curl.

Once you have your products in you let them lighten. Again, we only applied lightener. Lightener, lightens what we put it on. Every few minutes, take a look and see how light did the ends get. Is it ready or not? You will be able to tell just by looking. So, once your hombre tips are as light as you would like them, you wash it off, shampoo them, condition them and dry them.

What you will have is a lighter look on the ends. You can choose to either leave it this color, which often it looks very good, or you can actually choose a hair dye to put on top of them. Sometimes girls right now are doing pinks and blues and purples. That would work by taking the hair dye and rubbing it right on top of the lightened hair. Again, you can leave it natural and have that great kind of lightened summery look.

Another thing that is going on right now is the reverse hombre. The reverse hombre is a little bit more complicated. The reverse hombre is making the roots lighter and the ends darker. In this case I highly recommend you see a professional. So, whether you chose to do an hombre or a reverse hombre, I think we have some tips for you to get started.

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