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How to Prevent Pool Chlorine from Turning Your Hair Green

Learn how to prevent pool chlorine from turning your hair green from Pierre Michel Salon colorist AJ Lordet in this Howcast hair tutorial.


During the summertime in the salon, one of the things I hear most often is, "How do I get chlorine out of my hair?" Well, one of the things I can suggest is finding a shampoo that you could buy and use at home.

The shampoos that work the best to get the chlorine out of your hair are called clarifying shampoos. Many, many companies make clarifying shampoos. They could be used daily, and especially every time you go into the swimming pool.

Another tip I have about how to prevent hair from absorbing so much chlorine is actually quite simple. Before entering a pool, go into the normal shower water. Soak your hair, drench your hair in the normal shower water. The reason you do this is because once you dive into the pool, your hair follicle and cuticle is so filled up with the other water that you would hope it wouldn't absorb as much chlorine.

Should you do swim a lot and you do get hair that has a large amount of chlorine in it, time to time an at-home clarifying shampoo will not work. It won't take out everything 100%. I have a process that I do in the salon. I use a product by Redken actually called Pre Art. This is a professional-only product. You can find it in many, many different salons.

The way it works is you come in and I simply wash your hair. I apply the product, and then you sit under the heat. After a few minutes, the product is actually pulling the green and it slides right out of your hair. It's actually an amazing thing to see.

Depending on the amount of chlorine you have in your hair is the amount of times we would do this treatment. This treatment is safe to do over and over and over in the same day, and it's just meant to do until all of the chlorine comes out.

One of the big misconceptions I feel about chlorinated hair is that chlorine turns your hair green. Yes, the hair does take a green tinge from the chlorine. But I thought you'd be interested to know that it's actually not enough chlorine in the pool. What you're seeing is the little, tiny, microscopic pieces of algae left behind that we can't see with the eye.

You'll see these a lot of times on bright blondes, very, very light blonde hair. That's one way you can know you have chlorine in your hair is by the tinge of green. The other is a feeling, a stickiness to the ends of your hair. The clarifying shampoo and the Pre Art treatment in the salon is a great way to be able to get your hair back to fresh and healthy.

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