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What to Know before Highlighting Your Own Hair

Learn what to know before adding your own highlights from Pierre Michel Salon colorist AJ Lordet in this Howcast hair tutorial.


I guess I'd like to start by saying that one of my biggest, biggest money makers, or biggest tickets in the salon is actually fixing highlights that have been tried to be done at home. I think if you're, you know, you're staying within one or two shades of your natural color, once you start getting into processes such as highlighting it's much more advanced.

As you know highlighting it's an art form, I've studied now for 15 years the art of balayage. The art of balayage is picking up the right amount of hair, sweeping lightener on it, creating balance, creating texture, and it's actually an art form.

Another technique of highlighting hair is the tin foil technique, based on taking many sections of the hair, precisely applying the foils in such a way to remove color from certain hairs. And these foils are applied in such great detail that I think it would be really hard for you to master that at home. Many of us spend years and years and years learning the technique on how to do it in the salon and I've seen people who still, to this day, can't even do it in the salon.

I would say that the majority of mistakes of hair color at home come from trying to highlight your own hair. The products are more complicated. The processes are more complicated. So that one I think I would stick to the professionals.

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