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How to Punch Up Drab Hair with Highlights

Learn how to punch up drab hair with highlights from Pierre Michel Salon colorist AJ Lordet in this Howcast hair tutorial.


As we get older, we see our hair getting darker or sometimes more drabby. Drabby means the feeling of a loss of warmth, a loss of life to the hair. Sometimes it might even be described as an ashy color, where the best example, would be a blonde woman. A blonde woman when she's young, maybe she's white, she's tow-head, it's golden. Every year you get older it doesn't necessarily have to go so extreme that your hair is turned gray.

But you've lost ultimately, the warmth out of your hair. I guess the question is, can we put highlights into hair to take the drab away and the answer is definitely yes. As we see the warm tones falling out, as we see the warm tones becoming less and less as we get older we might not be ready to put in all over hair dye to change the whole look. A great way to get the dullness out of the hair is to add a few highlights.

It's an excellent transition from natural hair to hair dye. One of the best examples would be a girl coming into the hair salon for her first time in her mid twenties.Sometimes she has a few highlights left on the ends, from maybe the sun in the summer. But ultimately her hair is an all over dull blonde, and she just doesn't want the maintenance of a single process, all over golden color that would freshen up her skin. So something I can offer is, by adding a few highlights of warm, rich natural tones, I can bring her back a few years.

Back to the beach when she was seven or eight years old. The maintenance for a few highlights on a drab blonde hair could be three months, four months, five months. It's a really natural process, that doesn't come with a ton of maintenance. It's just a great brighten up. It's a little fix me up. It's remind me what it used to be and I think that's the best way to do it.

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