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How to Get Chunky Hair Highlights at Home

Learn how to get chunky hair highlights from Pierre Michel Salon colorist AJ Lordet in this Howcast hair tutorial.


Chunky highlights or thick wider pieces of highlights that you see in the hair, rather than finer more natural bended highlights. A chunky highlight can be done in either a sun kiss natural way which you might see on a blond. I always recommend doing highlights in a hair salon when possible, but if you'd like to hear some tips on how to do it at home and keeping it manageable I would first recommend avoiding the root area of your hair. Anything chunky at the root can go wrong by looking blotchy or squared. When I recommend doing a chunky highlight but at home I think if we started from the middle of the hair it would look much better. So, what you could do is you take a piece of hair in a triangle section like here, and what you want to do is towards the middle keep it towards one side of the hair. In fact try to make a thin line of product and then suddenly you're going to make it thicker, and thicker, and thicker, and thicker, just with your hand and just with a brush. Then you can take the ends with the lightener, just the ends. Your piece at the middle of the hair should be very fine and your pieces at the end of the hair can be much more thick and much more chunky. So, you're going to get the chunkiness on the end of the hair and not in the middle.

My actual highlights were done that way. You can see they're slightly lighter towards the middle. My hair goes from dark, slightly lighter in the middle, and a white light on the end. This would be sort of a natural chunky highlight because of the contrast between my highlight and my natural color, it's pretty minimal. If your hair is very, very fine you're not a candidate for chunky highlights. I think on the other extreme also if you have very thick, thick hair that has been chemically straightened to very, very straight, I don't think you're a candidate also for chunky highlights. Chunky highlights should show movement and again they can look natural or they can look funky. Just a few things to consider when trying chunky highlights.

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