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Dark Hair Highlights Do's & Don'ts

Learn dark hair highlights do's and don'ts from Pierre Michel Salon colorist AJ Lordet in this Howcast hair tutorial.


One of the things to consider when you're highlighting your hair is first the base color of the hair. I feel like often I have clients come into the hair salon and say to me, "Well, what color is the base going to be and what color are the highlights going to be?" In order to highlight your hair, first you choose an all-over base color.

Once you've had the all-over base color, then what you do is you mix up a lightener. You apply the lightener to the pieces that you'd like to highlight. The lightener is actually just transforming the base color lighter and lighter and lighter.

I guess what I'd like to say is there's not a big bucket of base colors and a big bucket of highlight colors where you choose one of these and you choose one of these and you hope they go together. By choosing an all-over brown and then making it lighter, you're able to stay within the same family and it'll look the best on your skin color.

One of the do's I think for brown hair are sticking to shades that work with browns. I have a warm, medium to dark brown base color. This would be a perfect color highlight for me. It's warm, it's rich and it's still brown.

One of our don'ts would be choosing from that other bucket we spoke about and maybe choosing a color that's too light and too cool and too yellow. It doesn't work very well. Very, very, very dark brown hair works great with different auburn tones and lots of different red tones.

Black naturally has a lot of red tones in the hair, so I tend to choose highlight colors that are similar and can be found within, such as that. When working with brown hair highlights it's a great way to brighten a brunette's look without having to send her into the blonde category.

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