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How to Add Colored Highlights, Part 1

Learn how to add pink, purple, or blue highlights from Pierre Michel Salon colorist AJ Lordet in this Howcast hair tutorial, part 1 of a 2-part series


Something I think that's really hot right now is adding a little pop of color into your hair. A great way to do that is not putting it all over, but choosing a few highlighted pieces of your hair and putting a little funky color on top. And I think I can give you a few tips on how to do that.

First of all, what you need to do is go to your local beauty supply and find a hair color lightener. Any hair color lightener really would work - L'Oreal, Clairol - they all make great hair color lighteners. You then mix the powder with the developer into a nice consistency that will spread along your hair. It should be shiny, but not too thick and coarse.

Once you have your lightener mix, it's time to pick out which pieces that you want to make a different color. So first what you're going to do is section the piece you would like and take the other hair away. Simply take that piece and apply some of the lightener product. This is our fist step.

After you've chosen a few pieces, and I wouldn't do too many, less is more, you can always add in. Once you find your pieces and you've made them lighter, you're going to sit and wait and let them come up two or three shades. You can then rinse them out and dry your hair again.

At that point, you should have your natural colored hair with a few pieces that you've already picked out that are a little bit lighter.

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