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How to Get Hair Color like Rihanna

Learn how to get hair color like Rihanna from Pierre Michel Salon colorist AJ Lordet in this Howcast hair tutorial.


One of probably the most influential people in the music industry today is Rihanna. I would say that she's also one of the biggest influences in hair in style. Right now Rihanna just has the most amazing bright red curls that are shiny and beautiful and they're just looking so healthy. I feel like a few months back she had the bleached blonde look. From a colorist perspective I think the actual bleach blonde look helped for this amazing transition into the red. When we're putting red hair color on top of a bright blonde.

Your shades are much more vibrant and Rihanna is vibrant all together so a vibrant red on her is very suiting. I don't think that everybody can pull off such a bright bold look. But I think on Rihanna the bright red right after that bleach blonde was a great move forward. It looks luscious. It looks shiny. It looks healthy. It looks red carpet ready. It actually goes great against her skin tone it gives a little pop. I think if you're going to try and get your hair color to look like Rihanna your best bet is to go into a colorist and have them see what you already have and see if such a bright red is a good story for you to have also. But Rihanna thumbs up. Rihanna's look right now with her bright bold red it's a very funky look.

It's a very bold look. I think because Rihanna has a nice tan skin tone it plays bold but I think one should consider if their fairer skinned or not as tan that a color like that on them could actually be incredibly bright and incredibly bold. So I think that when considering a hair color like Rihanna you need to consider your skin tone a little bit because if you just went for the box that looked like Rihanna's hair I'm not sure that you'd feel like you got the same look. So once again and I think that Rihanna's look is a definite pro do. Don't try this one at home.

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