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How to Get Hair Color like Sarah Jessica Parker

Learn how to get hair color like Sarah Jessica Parker from Pierre Michel Salon colorist AJ Lordet in this Howcast hair tutorial.


When I think of hair icons, I absolutely think about Sarah Jessica Parker. Back from the "Sex and the City" days, Carrie Underwood, Sarah Jessica brought in the look of roots. Somehow, Sarah Jessica Parker made roots look phenomenal and I feel like over the years, Sarah Jessica's hair has sort of helped move forward the whole transition into this hombre hair.

Again, hombre hair is a deepness in the roots and it follows into a lightness on the ends. Sarah Jessica has always sort of kept the blonde and the, and the mixing of the blondes and the browns in a fresh, modern way. But yet, I definitely think she is one of the trendsetters.

I mean, going back from dark, dark roots to the platinum crazy curls, then you've seen her transform into these golden locks instead of the white, overpowering curls. As hair color is modernized, we've done the same thing and we've started to do more color on the end and leaving the roots natural. When I think about all of this, I think that Sarah Jessica is definitely a role model in these kind of trends.

When clients come into the hair salon and they want to look like Sarah Jessica Parker, which is very, very, very often, one of the things that I consider is, "Does she have a natural hair color that's similar to Sarah Jessica's?" If she does, I start from there. If not, I try to do a nice, neutral light brown.

Then what I would do is different waves of balisage throughout the ends and pick up hair and do some highlights. At the end, do a really nice, golden honey rinse because right now you see Sarah Jessica's hair. It's so pretty. It's golden. It's warm. It's great for her skin tone. So, I think if you have skin tone that's like Sarah Jessica Parker's, I think you should go for it.

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