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How to Get Hair Color like Jennifer Aniston

Learn how to get hair color like Jennifer Aniston from Pierre Michel Salon colorist AJ Lordet in this Howcast hair tutorial.


For the last 15 years at least, I would say one of the most sought out hair color icons have been Jennifer Aniston. She always has such a beautiful contrast. There's always a lot of color, a lot of movement. I've seen over the years, Jennifer go from very blonde looks into very brown looks.

But she's never really came out with that dark solid or that solid light. It's just always very attractive. Whenever she moves her hair, she always has a movement of her darker, natural tones. Right now, I believe her highlights are a very rich honey color. So, mixed with Jennifer Aniston's natural light brown hair, these honey highlights take over just such a wonderful hue of brightness for her.

I've also seen Jennifer Aniston wear a beautiful, beautiful platinum blonde. Even when Jennifer goes platinum, she's always leaving a little bit of her natural undertones. So, Jennifer's hair is just always believable. It always looks shiny. It always looks well-quaff. It's always maintained.

One of the things I rarely see Jennifer do is leave her roots. I feel like even when you think she has roots, it's not really roots. It's maybe her little transition into toning it down from very blonde to brown. I just think Jennifer maintains her hair color very, very often and when clients approach me and say, "Can I have a hair color like that?" of course you can. But are you ready to do what she does and just always maintain it?

Something I definitely can't picture is Jennifer Aniston in the bathroom doing her own color. So I have to say that this is definitely a look that gets done in the hair salon. I actually don't even think that Jennifer is getting your typical foil highlight. A lot of the work that I see in print that I see her have is the balayage technique.

We do the balayage technique in the hair salon, and I think that if you're going to go for a look like Jennifer, you should come into the hair salon and do it there.

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