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How to Get Hair Color like Beyonce

Learn how to get hair color like Beyonce from Pierre Michel Salon colorist AJ Lordet in this Howcast hair tutorial.


Totally hot on the scene right now I would say is Beyoncé Knowles. We all know that Beyoncé rarely takes a bad picture and all her hair colors always look so amazing. One thing I would like to discuss is how Beyoncé has her tan, cool skin tone and she takes her dark, dark, dark hair and just makes it the perfect shade lighter.

That is one of the most challenging, challenging hair colors to do. I feel like because Beyoncé’s skin tone is so cool, her hair needs to be cool too. Any time we have dark hair and we are going lighter we are just always battling orange tones. We see millions of pictures of Beyoncé and she always has that perfect cool tone to her hair. One of the things I see most that she does is an allover single process. She is therefore taking all of the hair and making it a shade or two lighter than her natural. Then a lot of times what I see Beyoncé having are some really beautiful bright blonde pieces.

Sometimes there are groups of them on top of her hair, sometimes there is just a few framing her face, but they are always the perfect cool shades. In order to really master this lighter cool brown shade on your dark natural hair, I highly, highly, highly recommend you see a professional, talk about your skin tone and go in and see someone so you can have hair like Beyoncé.

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