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How to Get Hair Color like Drew Barrymore

Learn how to get hair color like Drew Barrymore from Pierre Michel Salon colorist AJ Lordet in this Howcast hair tutorial.


Drew Barrymore has been coming to me via magazine picture for years and years and years now. I have seen Drew Barrymore wear beautiful brunettes. I have seen Drew Barrymore in beautiful, beautiful blondes. Of course, she has been red. I feel like most recently the majority of the pictures I have received from Drew have been the ombre look, which she just pulled off so well. I think in the beginning there was a little chatter about her not getting her roots done, but people caught on pretty quickly.

Drew has her gorgeous, kind of light, ashy, natural brown hair which she is letting go somewhere around the ear and the chin and she is turning into a nice, cool, ashy, blonde highlight on the end. Drew tends to have cooler skin shades, so you will see, even when she does her ombre, which is a funky look, she is maintaining to what goes with her skin tone. When Drew is wearing a red shade, it is a cool red, it is a rich red, and again it is matching her skin tone.

I feel like maybe Drew Barrymore is one of the most versatile celebrities for hair color. She has been all the shades and she has done most of the shades pretty perfect. When searching for a hair color like Drew Barrymore, I think it is really, really important to let your colorist know which Drew Barrymore you are going for. That could be important since she has been them all. It is also important to say do I have a skin color like Drew Barrymore.

When you start to get into hair color at home and you desire results such as a celebrity like Drew Barrymore, I think it is really important to maybe stick with her more simple solid shades. I believe that at home, you can achieve one of her rich red shades or maybe one of her rich brunette shades, but as for her platinum blondes and her ombre looks, I would see someone in the hair salon.

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