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How to Get Hair Color like Gwyneth Paltrow

Learn how to get hair color like Gwyneth Paltrow from Pierre Michel Salon colorist AJ Lordet in this Howcast hair tutorial.


Gwyneth Paltrow has always been such a huge fashion icon, definitely one of the top ten pictures that people bring me in the hair salon to try and look like. Everybody loves Gwyneth Paltrow's bright, blonde, beautiful highlighted hair. It's always shiny. It's always healthy. And it's just always the right shade of blonde for Gwyneth.

Something that I've seen recently is a little change on Gwyneth, and I think it's fun and I think it's time. What is going on right now is the reverse ombre. I love that Gwyneth is one of the first people to really come out and photograph it. Typical ombre - dark in the roots, light on the ends. So, you can imagine a reverse ombre is actually light in the roots and dark on the ends.

Some girls are trying the look where it's very, very platinum and then maybe very, very black on the ends. Gwyneth and her team kind of realized that that might not be a look for her. I love the way they've adjusted it where it's pretty much totally Gwyneth from here down her beautiful, beautiful platinum blonde highlights. The tips are dyed just the most beautiful shade of a light golden brown. So, she has this feeling of a new look, a new freshness.

Where Gwyneth doesn't come off as an extreme personality, I feel like her hair also is an extreme but it's soft, it's beautiful, it's healthy, and it's shiny. When I think of Gwyneth Paltrow those are things I think about. I think Gwyneth's hair is beautiful for her.

As girls are going to come in and want to look like Gwyneth one of the things I'm going to discuss with them is, when you're done with the ends, are you going to be ready to cut them off. The reason I say that is because as we add hair dye into the ends of our hair having it come back out sometimes isn't always as easy. Where you see Gwyneth has that bright, bright, bright platinum, where the ends have been dyed dark it's not going to be so fast to get the ends back to the platinum blonde here.

So, where your typical ombre is dark into light, to go back to a more natural color is pretty easy. You just add highlights into the root area where they're not. When you have a reverse ombre you're basically going to have to add highlights into the color treated ends. They will get light, but sometimes it might take one or two times to actually get to where the rest of the hair is.

So, Gwyneth Paltrow, beautiful, bright blonde highlights. Great for people who have the same skin tone as Gwyneth Paltrow. Reverse ombre, beautiful change, I highly recommend people try it.

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