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How to Get Hair Color like Debra Messing

Learn how to get hair color like Debra Messing from Pierre Michel Salon colorist AJ Lordet in this Howcast hair tutorial.


One of the most beautiful redhead celebrities out is Debra Messing. She has a warm skin tone; therefore, she tends to choose hair colors that are red and in the warm family. Often, she adds some highlights to brighten up around her face. Those highlights tend to be golden and really warm, also. In Debra Messing's case, you wouldn't see her in the purpley reds. You'll see her more in the orangey reds. And then you'll always see Debra Messing red-carpet ready in just the perfect outfit to offset the beautiful red curls.

If you're searching for a hair color like Debra Messing to do at home, first, as always it's important to find out what color skin tone do you have? Do you have a warm skin tone or do you have a cool skin tone? Debra Messing's skin tone is warm, so she chooses warm reds. If you have a cool skin tone and you want to look like Debra Messing, it's still important that you choose a slightly different color red than Debra Messing and go with a cooler red.

Once you choose your hair color, I recommend you do an all-over base color that's a nice, rich red tone. Once you have your red tone established, you can wash and dry your hair and then think about maybe applying just a few highlights on the tips. You'll notice that in most of the photographs of Debra Messing, it's not a solid color. Even though she has curls, it's offset with just a few highlights.

So what you can do is just pick up a few tips, very, very skinny, and paint a little bit of lightener with your fingers, few, maybe 10 or 15 pieces all throughout, and lighten them for five minutes, just one shade. Quickly shampoo your hair and you'll have a beautiful, warm hair color with lots of dimension, just like Debra Messing.

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