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How to Get Hair Color like Angelina Jolie

Learn how to get hair color like Angelina Jolie from Pierre Michel Salon colorist AJ Lordet in this Howcast hair tutorial.


Many, many, women come into the hair salon and they would love to have hair color like Angelina Jolie. Angelina's natural base color is around a medium brown. Angelina can often be seen with beautiful highlights. I feel like Angelina's highlights are often done with balayage, a hair technique that paints the highlights on one by one. You can always tell this on Angelina because her highlights are always just in the right position. You never see large lines at the roots. You never see a high contrast in between her roots and her highlights. It is always a very, very, natural look. She sometimes adds in more warmth. She sometimes adds highlights that are a little lighter than her natural. But, all in all, Angelina keeps it real, and keeps it around pretty much what she has naturally.

Even though Angelina's hair color looks quite simple and quite natural, I do not think it is an easy thing to try at home. Sometimes, actually, having hair color that does not look hair colored is the hardest thing to do. One thing I would be worried about and caution you is that you do not paint too many highlights into the hair. Her hair should look, overall, the natural brown color with just a little bit of softness. This can be easily done by the balayage technique, if the balayage technique is easy for you to do. After you have your brown hair color, take a few pieces to make light. Please, do not go too high to the root. Once you go too high to the root is where all of the errors come.

If you cannot get your Angelina Jolie hair in the hair salon, you can try it at home with just a simple brown wash and just a few highlights of your own.

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