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How to Get Hair Color like Ashlee Simpson

Learn how to get hair color like Ashlee Simpson from Pierre Michel Salon colorist AJ Lordet in this Howcast hair tutorial.


Ashlee Simpson's hair is always cut with one of the coolest haircuts out. Very modern, cut short. And with modern short haircuts like Ashlee Simpson, her platinum, platinum blonde works perfectly.

One thing to consider when you're dying your hair platinum blonde is your haircut. One of the things to consider when coloring your hair platinum blonde, like Ashlee Simpson, is the style of your haircut. I feel that platinum blonde looks the best and is the most easily maintained with short, more funky kind of hairstyles.

In order to have platinum blonde hair like Ashlee Simpson, it's what we call a bleach-out process. Bleach-out processes are done best when done in the hair salon. Having sinks and all different kinds of products readily available is very, very important when bleaching out the hair. Bleaching out your hair at home can cause it to dry out or not turn the correct shade that you'd like it to be. Even in the hair salon, bleach-out processes can take three to four hours. So Ashlee Simpson puts quite a lot of time into that hair.

Once you have the correct color on the ends, every two to three weeks you're starting to see your roots already. So either you need to be prepared to maintain it quite often or enjoy the root look.

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