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How to Get Hair Color like Scarlett Johansson

Learn how to get hair color like Scarlett Johansson from Pierre Michel Salon colorist AJ Lordet in this Howcast hair tutorial.


I would recommend having hair like Scarlett Johansson to girls that who are already a blond or maybe a light gold natural brown. I feel that Scarlett Johansson looks the best when her hair has highlights in it. When you see Scarlett Johansson with her highlight in her hair, her hair has movement, her hair has warmth, whether she's lifted very light into the platinum blond highlights. We often see a beautiful contrast left in her root. My favorite look on Scarlett Johansson is when she has her natural light golden brown, dark golden blond, natural base, shining through behind her beautiful bright blond highlights. I've seen different photographs of her on the beach where the highlights look nice and bright all the way to the Red Carpet when the hair is curled and quaffed, and it looks warm and golden and really, really takes off from her skin tone, which is warm and rich and golden also.

I think, if you would like to have highlights like Scarlett Johansson, your best bet is to balayage. Balayage is a hair tinting technique. Balayage actually means sweeping in French. So, it's a French technique that's been here for quite a while, but not everybody does it. Balayage is a technique similar to foil where you're weaving out certain hairs to paint and certain hairs not to paint. Only Balayage, when applied can be a much more hand painted, sun kissed, look. So, I think when you see Scarlett Johansson and she looks sun kissed and blond, it's done with Balayage.

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