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How to Get Hair Color like Kim Kardashian

Learn how to get hair color like Kim Kardashian from Pierre Michel Salon colorist AJ Lordet in this Howcast hair tutorial.


Kim Kardashian is definitely one of the top five photographs that's brought to me on a daily basis on a celebrity everybody would like their hair to look like.

Kim Kardashian, I think, looks the best when she leaves her natural, dark brown hair and just highlights just the right pieces into a light golden brown. I have seen photographs of Kim Kardashian when she tries out the blonde colors or the very, very light colors and I personally feel like those wash her out. So I think that if you have a complexion like Kim Kardashian your best bet, to get color like her, is to keep the dark brown in the background and just pick up some subtle pieces to highlight. I also think it's great the way she styles her hair. She styles it with the long waves in such a way that just shows off the highlights beautifully.

I think a great way to get a look like Kim Kardashian would even be to add some extra hair into your hair. One way to do it, and even get a highlight at the same time, would be to purchase hair that's slightly lighter than yours. So, like Kim Kardashian has the dark natural, I would choose a highlight maybe two or three shades lighter. These are great because they come with clip on extensions so they are not permanent and it's is a great way to get a full haired look and a contrasted look much like Kim has.

I'll show you how to apply them. First, it's pretty easy. You section out your hair and you never want to put the extensions in the very top of the hair because you'll see the buckles. You pop open, you slide in, re-pop and then take your hair down on top.

In one moment, I have added hair and some color contrast. Of course, you'll need to style it, but you should be on your way to a Kim Kardashian look.

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