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How to Get Hair Color like Carrie Underwood

Learn how to get hair color like Carrie Underwood from Pierre Michel Salon colorist AJ Lordet in this Howcast hair tutorial.


Carrie Underwood is definitely a celebrity, who all the girls would love to have highlights like. I recommend color like Carrie Underwood, if you're already a natural blonde. Carrie Underwood has a beautiful, beautiful light, natural blonde base. What she does is go into the salon and ask for highlights on her own natural base. You'll see in many pictures just such a beautiful contrast. Whether she's pulling her hair back or wearing it down, you always see a tinge of her beautiful, soft, natural color behind her highlighted color.

This just makes the look so much more natural. You'll also notice that Carrie knows just how to handle the tone of her hair. Whether she is being natural and bright, the highlights are always a beautiful, pretty pale yellow. When she's going into more of her red carpet looks, and she's wearing gold, and putting bronzer on, they're always adding a beautiful gold hue to her hair.

I think the best results for Carrie Underwood highlights are again on natural light hair. If your hair isn't light already, there's a whole other step to go. You would first have to mix up a hair dye and change your whole base color of your hair. If you already have a light natural base, such as Carrie Underwood's, go ahead and try a few highlights at home.

You can buy either a highlighting kit or you could just buy a lightening powder, mix it up with some developer and by piece by piece, paint some on your hair. I would lighten your hair. I would apply the lightener and leave it on a good half hour to thirty minutes, depending on how dark your hair is naturally. You would like to lift it up. You would like to lighten the color up, to a natural pale blonde. Once that's done, rinse it all off and style, and you're on your way to a Carrie Underwood look.

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