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How to Get Hair Color like Miley Cyrus

Learn how to get hair color like Miley Cyrus from Pierre Michel Salon colorist AJ Lordet in this Howcast hair tutorial.


Miley Cyrus is one of our youngest, most famous, stars right now in the US. You can imagine I get a lot of pictures of Miley brought into the hair salon. Sp one of the things I notice is Miley looks great with long, brown, thick hair. I think she might, maybe, add in a few lighter color hair extensions to offset her natural color. And by doing so, she has that look of just long, thick, luscious, rich brown hair.

Another thing that is great about Miley, and I do not think that enough people do it out there, maybe it is because she is so young and bold, is she often goes for a very drastic cut. Something great about her is when she goes for that drastic cut she changes up the hair color. We see Miley almost every week in the magazine and at least every month she has a new look and she is always staying current. One of the best things I have seen that she has done was she just recently cut it from long brown, as I just explained, to a shorter chin length cut that she is wearing with waves. What she has done is she has left her natural brown in the top through the bangs, but she has sort of lightened the ends, very ombre, very ombre look. It just looks absolutely amazing on her. She has kept the tone of the blonde warm. Her skin tone is warm. When her hair is long, she keeps the browns warm and they always work with her.

I would say right now if you are going for a Miley Cyrus look, I would not stop at the color I would say try a fun haircut. Cut your hair short, talk to your stylist. What would be a great change? Miley Cyrus should be a motivation of change. I think a lot of people could benefit from her different photographs because she is photographed red, and she is photographed blonde and ombre and she has tried even the reverse ombre right now, where she is dying the tips dark. Of all of Miley's photographs, I think that she is a great inspiration for young girls on how to change hair color and how to be funky without using rock star type colors. She has short looks, long looks, fun looks, but they are all staying within the realm of what colors work with her naturally. I think she is a great role model on something young, and fun, and natural.

I would recommend, if you would like hair like Miley Cyrus, to get a really cool haircut you can try a deep rich brown like she often wears, or take your natural color, whatever you have on top, and just comb through little highlights on the ends for that ombre look.

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