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How to Color Your Hair with AJ Lordet

Learn about hairstylist AJ Lordet of the Pierre Michel Salon, one of Howcast's hair color experts, in this video.


Hi, my name is AJ Lordet and I am the Artistic Hair Color Director at Pierre Michel Salon. Pierre Michel has been a New York top salon for 40 years. It's located at 135 East 57th Street at Lexington Avenue. My clientele list is filled with celebrities, business owners, some of the most influential people in the country and the world.

Day to day I get to work with all extremes of hair color. It never gets boring. It never gets dull. It's ever changing.

I came to New York City in 1999 where I joined Frederic Fekkai and his amazing team as an assistant to learn how to do hair color. I had wonderful experiences traveling to many countries all over the world, learning and actually finally teaching all about hair color. One of the things I'm known for is hair painting, which is the French art of balayage. I was able to learn balayage in France and by French people all throughout New York City. I have a true, true passion for teaching. I feel that when I am teaching other people I am also learning myself. And I never gave up the drive to find out more information. So to this day, I continue teaching whenever I can.

Approximately a year ago, a new salon called eSalon, approached me to become their ambassador of color. My duties as ambassador are actually pretty cool. I have all different editors from all different magazines nationwide come in. I do their hair, we talk about the product and we really have a great time. I really enjoy what I do. Throughout my career I have been featured in the New York Times Sunday Style section, a full page ad with my husband and I. My husband is Jerome Lordet and he works together with me at Pierre Michel. I have been featured in Marie Claire, Elle, many nationwide publications.

You can follow me on my blog at or you can check me out at or please follow me on my Facebook page ajhaircolordesigner.

And now I am going to teach you everything you know to start dying your hair.

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