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2 Different Types of Katana Swords

Learn about different types of swords from Sensei Oliver Martin in this katana sword fighting video from Howcast.


In Japanese martial arts history, there's a few different incarnations of the katana. Earlier, we have what's known as the tachi, which is a much more curved blade. It was used primarily by horse-mounted superiors in the military, and was used with one hand normally. Then, later in history, from the Momoyama period on to the Maji, we had a straighter katana blade, which is the type of design that you often see and associate with the katana, which is a much faster-drawing type of sword, with more speed involved. You can find different types of swordmakers, even in Japan who are still making these types of blades and, so, it's still quite alive in our world martial arts history.

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