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2 Katana Sword Fighting Safety Tips

Learn some sword fight safety tips from from Sensei Oliver Martin in this katana sword fighting video from Howcast.


Some safety tips to be aware of as you begin your practice of kenjutsu.

You want to remember that if you're handling a live blade of any sort that as you are drawing the sword it's very easy to actually cut through the scabbard if you do have a live blade. Even if you don't have a live blade often times you can get nicks and other such things on the blade of the training sword that you're using. These actually can still cut people if they touch skin. So please be very careful.

In general it's important to realize that before you do actually begin handling a live blade that you spend a few years in training with a qualified instructor and that you understand the technical aspects and movements of handling a real katana with its specialized weight and characteristics.

Please remember these safety tips as you begin your training.

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