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What Is a Bokken & Shinai in Sword Fighting?

Learn what a bokken is and what a shinai is from Sensei Oliver Martin in this katana sword fighting video from Howcast.


So in your training, you're not only gonna use practice blades, but you're also gonna need to use the softer training weapon in order to realize other types of movements and techniques. And here we have a shinai that's actually wrapped in a piece of leather, which is very useful because you can still slide it and run it along skin and it won't quite burn or cut like it will if you using a shinai. And it's important to use these types of different training weapons. Here, this is a bokken, a wooden sword, very useful as well, has a little bit more weight to it and is also very very important for learning proper kenjutsu techniques in various different schools. And actually classically was even used as a weapon itself by people that couldn't have a real blade and was used quite effectively. There's many stories about people prevailing in battles using wooden swords.

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