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How to Parry with a Katana in a Sword Fight

Learn how to parry from Sensei Oliver Martin in this katana sword fighting video from Howcast.


This is an example of how to parry. As he comes in from a ski, as I meet his blade, I want to take a position that gives me a good leverage advantage, and from there I come around. And then, maybe, I can enter in. Once I get inside, I can start to manipulate his arms, his legs, and just get inside his dangerous area here, which is our objective. So again, as he comes in, I can meet him here at the suba, which is good leverage for me. And then I might come around here this way and take here, and then I can enter in. Utilizing my elbows to block, bring the blade across. But I'm just guarding here, using everything that is available to me.

So that's an example of how to use parrying.

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