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3 Facts about the Sword Fighting School of Kukishinden Ryu

Learn about the school of Kukishinden Ryu from Sensei Oliver Martin in this katana sword fighting video from Howcast.


So, the school that we focus on here at the Bujinka Maten Dojo is the Kukishinden ryu school of the nine bujinkan schools of martial arts, which involves kenjutsu, bojutsu, and other various forms of weapons.

The school was founded by Ryushin Yakushimaru, in the 14th century. There's a legend that say that he was able to fend off with a few other of his associates an entire army, at a pass. An army of 10,000 soldiers was accosting them after they had escaped from a castle, trying to save an emperor. They fought off an entire army using bojutsu and kenjutsu and naginatajutsu and the arts that are specified in the Kukishinden ryu densho. Kukishinden ryu has quite an esteemed history and we're fortunate to be able to study this particular classical kenjutsu school.

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