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How to Do a Tate Nuki Katana Draw Strike in Sword Fighting

Learn how to do a tate nuki draw strike from Sensei Oliver Martin in this katana sword fighting video from Howcast.


So the next basic drawing technique is called Tate Nuki. And in this you wanna wanna pull the sai up so it's almost vertical. And, as you step you again wanna pull the sai off and draw out. Okay and you can use different footwork for this but again you just wanna be able to utilize the motion of your feet at the same time as you're drawing. So here. And this is a good technique to know when you're being actually attacked because it can be used as a shield to shield you from an oncoming sword or other type of weapon. This is from the side, side view, so this is from the side view. So that's a basic overview of the Tate Nuki draw.

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