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How to Do a Tsuki Komi Katana Block in Sword Fighting

Learn how to do a tsuki komi block from Sensei Oliver Martin in this katana sword fighting video from Howcast.


Now we'll look at one of the techniques from Kukishin Ryu called tsuki komi. The opponent is in (?), and from here, once he comes in you're going to want to sink and thrust in. I come down to one knee as he comes in, and thrust in with my body. The important thing here also is that just as he comes in, I almost throw my blade in and then sink. If I'm actually doing it, he actually gets impaled like that.

One more time. I throw it in there, handle comes through, sinking and pressing in. Even if the blade comes down, my head is ducked down so the blade is not injuring me. That's just a short introduction to the first technique from Kukishin Ryu, tsuki komi.

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