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How to Do a Tsuki Kage Katana Block in Sword Fighting

Learn how to do a tsuki kage block from Sensei Oliver Martin in this katana sword fighting video from Howcast.


So this next technique is tsuki kage. So again the opponent is in dai jodan no kamae. As he comes forward you just wanna step forward again, okay and sink, alright again putting the blade in the same place. But this time you are gonna stand up and come over the top of his arms and as you do that pin his arms, okay and then take his blade. One more time. Okay, its a very similar; slowly; as the last one jsut throwing the blade in there and sinking, so you get that thrust action. And then as you stand up, okay come over the top of the arms, alright so that they pin against your body here. Right and then as you walk you can take his blade, okay. So that is a demonstration of tsuki kage.

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