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How to Do the Kiri Sage Katana Technique in Sword Fighting

Learn how to do the kiri sage technique from Sensei Oliver Martin in this katana sword fighting video from Howcast.


So the next technique is Kiri Sage. And the opponent again is gonna cut in from Daijodan. And I'm gonna be in Tenchi no kamae, alright. And when he cuts in I'm gonna meet him at the tsuba here, okay and taking this stance, where I'm using the knees in order to create a sort of pressure, awaseru ("to meet"). And as I go back and forth I feel the moment where I can use my footwork to come in and take the cut and move in. Alright. One more time. So as he comes in I'm in Tenchi no kamae and I meet at the tsuba right there okay, and then we are just moving here with the knees, alright. And at the correct moment come around with the footwork and enter in. That's a quick demonstration of Kiri Sage.

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