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How to Do Kasugai Dome Technique in Katana Sword Fighting

Learn how to do the kasugai dome technique from Sensei Oliver Martin in this katana sword fighting video from Howcast.


The next technique we are going to look at is kasugai dome. Here i'm gonna be starting in seigan no kamae. He is gonna come in for the ski. Right, and I'm gonna come up in the tenshi no kamae and then cut down on his arm, okay. And this is very important, okay; to have good timing here. From seigan no kamae, okay; he comes in alright, and I'm up here, alright; when that blade is arriving here. And then as he's beginning to think about taking his side cut, I'm letting my blade fall and I can come and step through. Okay, one more time. So I'm in seigan no kamae, nice and slow. He comes in, right and I'm up here; in tenchi no kamae. And then I'm down, okay. And then I can guard, okay. That is kasugai dome.

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