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How to Defend Yourself against a Sword when You're Unarmed

Learn how to defend yourself against a sword while unarmed from Sensei Oliver Martin in this katana sword fighting video from Howcast.


Now we are going to explore a few examples of Muto Dori, or unarmed movement against an attacker with a sword.

So when he comes in from jumonji no kamae, the most important thing is for me to get out of the way of this portion of the blade. Okay? Because this is the most powerful cutting instrument for him and as far as his leverage goes. And I want to try to enter in, okay, and maybe use my foot work in order to stay and get control of this area. Okay? One more time.

Again, the timing is a critical issue here. Alright. Getting out of the way at the correct time, okay. If you can control this side that's best. Okay. Okay. Use your elbows in order to keep control. Okay.

It should be known that it's in fact very difficult to perform these movements, these Muto Dori movements, against someone who is skilled with a sword, so please remember that when you're training.

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