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How to Throw a Sword aka Nage Ken in Sword Fighting

Learn how to throw a sword, aka Nage Ken, from Sensei Oliver Martin in this katana sword fighting video from Howcast.


So in isolated circumstances, there may be times where you actually need to throw the blade. And so this will just be a small demonstration of the motion that you would use in the circumstance, in order to actually throw a blade properly. It's kind of like drawing, but you just have to use your whole body to project it out in front of you. And at the last second you're going to let go of it. You can see where I'm letting go of the hilt. It can also be thrown this way in the basic Sanchin-Ryu style. Just letting it run right out. I would let go of the blade there. Just turning with my spine and let go with it. Straight in. That's the basic movement of Nage Ken, or throwing the sword.

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