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3 Tips for Proper Sword Etiquette

Learn three proper sword etiquette tips from Sensei Oliver Martin in this katana sword fighting video from Howcast.


When handling a sword inside a store or a dojo, it's important to understand some of the manners involved with handing the blade over to your partner, or to your fellow practitioner. In the situation where you're just handing the blade, you definitely want to face the blade back toward yourself, so when they're grabbing, they can be understanding that it's not an offensive gesture. The other aspect is when you're checking a blade out in a store, or in someone's home, or some other such venue, even a dojo, it's polite to take the blade out as if you're inspecting it and not drawing it, unless you're practicing a specific technique in the dojo setting. It can be considered pretty rude if you are actually just freely drawing a sword. It's kind of like brandishing a pistol and pointing it at people on the street. It's just important to be aware of these subtle types of manners that are involved with handling the katana.

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