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What Is a Katana Sword?

Learn about the katana sword from Sensei Oliver Martin in this katana sword fighting video from Howcast.


A Katana is a medium length blade that is very fast. And it's designed to be used with a two-handed grip as opposed to the one-handed grip of the classical Western swords. And it really began around the Momoyama period, and it's still used today although not on the street in Japan. But it is still practiced as a martial art and there are still sword makers in Japan crafting these types of blades. Katanas are classically used by samurai coming up through the classical battle fields eras, even through the Magi period. They're not worn per say anymore, but they are still studied as a martial arts weapon. And in certain circumstances, I'm sure are still carried around as actual weapons here or there. But in general very fast, very effective, and a very efficient cutting blade. And that is a Katana.

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